Ultrasound Authorization

Thank you for bringing your pet in for an outpatient ultrasound. This ultrasound is being performed at the request of your primary veterinarian. Please see below for what to expect during and after your pets ultrasound.

1) Your pet will be cared for by our staff during the ultrasound.

2) The area of ultrasound will be shaved of fur. (Commonly the belly)

3) Your pet will rest on a soft bed during the ultrasound.

4) If laying still for the ultrasound is stressful or uncomfortable, we may need to give your pet a mild sedative/pain medication. We will contact you for permission if this needed.

5) The ultrasound results will be given to your primary veterinarian and your primary veterinarian will contact you to discuss the results.

6) If your pet has any signs of severe illness that require medical attention we will recommend emergency exam and care with our veterinary team. Cost for an emergency exam can range from $98- $130 (ER vs Specialist)

7) The cost of the ultrasound is $450.00. Payment is due at time of service.

Our goal is to help provide further diagnostics for you and your veterinarian in order to aid in your pet’s medical care. Please do not hesitate to call us at (720)699-7766 if you have any questions or concerns.