The Hidden Stressors of Veterinary Life

On #PetMemorialDay, we’d like to draw some attention not just to the pets who have passed on, but also to the emotional toll that euthanasia and the loss of a patient can have on veterinarians and veterinary staff. This article from NPR provides a glimpse into the life of a vet, and highlights the resources available to those who are struggling with the less-than-pleasant aspects of the job, “including stress, debt, long hours, and online harassment.”

If you or someone you know is having a hard time coping, just know that there are resources like Not One More Vet that can help. And if you’re not in the field but you want to show your support, simply be nice to your veterinarian and know that every staff member – from vets to techs/nurses and admin staff – truly cares about your pet, and we all do everything in our power to help them, right up to the end. 

Be Well! Love, The BRVS Team

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