Poison Prevention Week: Hops

Home brewing has become very popular in Colorado. However, most  brewers don’t realize that certain ingredients, such as hops, have been shown to be toxic and potentially lethal to dogs. 

Humulus lupulus a.k.a “hops” are a very smelly and desired edible to many dogs. Unfortunately, within just a couple hours of ingestion dogs can begin to display signs of hops toxicity, including: 

  • Severe hyperthermia (a high temperature)
  • Excessive panting
  • Abdominal distension/discomfort
  • Anxiety
  • High heart rate
  • Convulsions/seziures
  • Cardiovascular collapse (in severe cases)

Dogs that may have ingested hops should be evaluated by a veterinarian immediately for gastric decontamination (induced vomiting/gastric lavage) and supportive care of toxic signs.  Hospitalized care can include IV fluids, sedation, and medications to target malignant hyperthermia. The toxic effects of hops can be life-threatening even with aggressive supportive care. Because of this, if you suspect your dog has ingested hops, seek medical attention immediately.

For a list of common household toxins, visit our 24/7 Emergency Service page.

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