Pretty & Poisonous: Why Cat Owners Should Avoid Lilies

Spring has arrived, and so have the beautiful flowers that are available during this colorful season! One popular flower this time of year is the Lily; but cat owners should beware which types of Lilies they keep around their homes.

Oriental Lilies – any Lilies that have pointy or star shaped flower petals, including Easter lilies, Tiger lilies, Japanese snow lilies, Rubrum lilies and Day lilies – can be fatal to our feline friends. If they ingest even the smallest amount of pollen, flower petals, or leaves, the effects can be devastating.

Oriental Lilies such as these pink Easter lilies can cause kidney damage and potentially fatal kidney failure in cats.

Oriental Lilies cause kidney damage and potentially fatal kidney failure in cats. Signs of ingestion and/or kidney damage include vomiting, drooling, anorexia and lethargy. Treatment may include emesis (induce vomiting) and hospitalization on IV fluids while monitoring kidney values for 48-72 hrs. Severe cases can require dialysis.

If you suspect your cat has ingested any part of an Oriental Lily plant, seek emergency treatment right away. If you’re unsure what variety of Lily the cat came into contact with, bring it with you, as well.

For a list of other common household toxins, visit our 24/7 Emergency Service page.

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