The Behavior Service at BRVS:

Because animals and their families are suffering with behavioral conditions that are too often under-recognized and under-treated.  As behavior veterinarians, we have the unique ability to help alleviate suffering by treating both the body and mind of patients who need us. Families are broken up every single day because of behavior problems. As a service, we can help set a pet and family up for a lifetime of happiness together instead of heartache. More philosophically, we believe that our society has a moral obligation to ensure that the animals under our influence are free of pain, distress and fear, to the best of our ability.  We would like to be agents of this mission.

• Aggression

• Anxiety

• Fears

• House soiling

• Preparation for baby

• Barking

• Leash reactivity

• Repetitive behaviors

• Self-injury

• and so much more…

For more information, visit The Veterinary Behavior Center page

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